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  • Inverse Scaling Prize Ideas

    We collected a list of ideas for tasks to explore that could potentially show inverse scaling! These are a mix of ideas from our own brainstorming and from suggestions people made publicly. We have included links to the original suggestions where applicable.
    Ethan Perez

  • Personal Research Statement for Ph.D. Programs in Machine Learning

    A few people have asked to read my personal research statement for Ph.D. programs in machine learning, so I’ve released my statement. The statement follows the below outline, which I think is a generally good outline for such statements:
    Ethan Perez

  • Easy Paper Writing Tips

    Below are a few paper writing tips that improve the clarity of research papers, while also being fairly easy to implement
    Ethan Perez

  • Open Philanthropy AI Fellowship Statement

    A few people have asked to read my personal statement for the Open Philanthropy AI Fellowship after I was awarded the fellowship this year (2020).
    Ethan Perez

  • Unsupervised Question Decomposition for Questions Answering

    We improve question answering (QA) by decomposing hard questions into easier sub-questions that existing QA systems can answer.
    Ethan Perez

  • What convinces Q&A models?

    Often when we want to answer a question, we aren’t just interested in the answer, but also in why we think that answer is true. In case we’re wrong, we’re also interested in why other answers could be true.
    Ethan Perez